Yes, It's Possible

Here are some tutorial to help you get started. If you run into problems or have questions while following the tutorials please let us know. Don’t forget to submit your site to our Showcase page when you are done. We would love to see how your site looks!

Demo Site

How To Change Images & Text

Social Icons

Watch this video on how to change the URL links for the social icons.

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Please watch this video if you need help setting up the Review/Testimonial sections.
(This is a video for a different template but the Testimonials still work the same way.)

1. Click anywhere in the 'social grid' as show in the image above.

2. On the right sidebar under Social Grid Settings, click on Connect Instagram.

3. Follow the prompts under your Account settings to Connect Instagram. 
You'll be prompted to login to Instagram and must provide permission for Showit to access your Instagram account in order to display your photos.

4. You'll be directed back to the Showit app to select your account from the Social Grid Settings panel. (If you don't see your account, try refreshing the browser)

Social Grid supports the selection of Fallback Images. These images will be displayed if for any reason Instagram's servers don't respond or if your account is ever disconnected by Instagram.

You can select any images in your Media Library to be used as Fallback Images.

Fallback Images

Instagram Feed

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Landing Page

Subscription Form

This Subscription page can be found under where it says "Landing Page".

I highly recommend ConvertKit. That is who I use but you are welcome to choose any subscription service of your choice. Please set up an account with a Subscription service then click on one of the buttons below for your subscription service.

If you are using a different subscription service you can search Showit's help page for that service here.

Privacy Policy and Terms

This design comes with a page created for your Privacy Policy and Terms. I'm not a lawyer, I can't give you legal advice but I do have someone I highly recommend. Her name is Christina and she owns The Contract Shop (affiliate link). I use her Privacy Policies and Terms for my own site. 

Work With Me

Link "Inquire Now" on the 'Work With Me' page to your contact page, shopify or paypal account. Visit this link for more info.